Project title

Evaluation of a short educational intervention aimed at improving the knowledge level of venous thromboembolism in post-operative patients and their healthcare providers: a prospective study.


Hong Kong


Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is common, especially among hospitalised postoperative patients, and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. VTE is, however, highly preventable, but evidence suggests that there is a significant gap between the optimal thromboprophylaxis, as suggested by experts, and real-work practice.

Studies have shown that improved awareness amongst healthcare professionals and patients of VTE prophylaxis and its consequent implementation reduces deep vein thrombosis (DVT) incidence.

The challenge? There are no prospective studies assessing the impact of an educational programme on the VTE knowledge level among patients at risk and their healthcare professional (HCP), and if any improvement of the knowledge level can produce a reduction of VTE incidence.


This project will conduct a prospective study to assess the knowledge level of VTE in patients and their HCP before and after the administration of VTE education materials. It will then compare the VTE occurrence in patients after the administration of the education materials to a historical cohort.


This study will inform us if a simple and inexpensive intervention can improve the care of patients at risk of VTE.