Patient safety and healthcare professional wellbeing research is more vital than ever before. That’s why we’ve hand-picked these podcast episodes that cover the latest healthcare developments and aim to inspire new ground-breaking research. Each episode features global experts and offers unique insight into current medical and dental research-related topics.


Medical Protection: The Headliner Series

The Power of Positive Psychology

With doctor burnout at an all-time high, our first podcast episode is brought to you by Dr Lynne McKinlay and 2022 MPS Foundation grant recipient, Dr Albert Chan. This episode explores Dr Albert Chan’s research into how doctor wellbeing impacts patient safety, and how structured positive psychology interventions could improve wellbeing and resilience amongst anaesthesiologists in Hong Kong.



Dental Protection: Research in Dentistry

Why is research in dentistry so important?

Conducting and finding quality dental research can be challenging. In this episode, Noel Kavanagh, Professor Jan Clarkson, and Dr Josh Twigg look at why dentists need access to research, effective therapies, and surgical interventions.



Dental research in general dental practice

With general dental practitioners carrying out many different treatments that are often complex, standards need to be high. This episode, featuring Professor Jan Clarkson and Dr Josh Twigg, examines data from these settings, interprets it, and gives actionable recommendations.



How to read a research paper and weigh up the evidence

Research is full of value, and correctly analysing the evidence is paramount. This research-focussed episode, featuring Professor Helen Worthington and Dr Josh Twigg, uncovers new ways to maximise research and improve understanding.



The MPS Foundation and priorities for research

Gain practical advice, find out how to craft a grant-winning application, and hear directly from the team behind The MPS Foundation in this special, value-packed episode hosted by Adrian Jackson, George Wright, and Professor Jan Clarkson.

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Can sport psychology improve clinical performance?

Dr Katie Grant speaks with Professor John Sandars about his latest research that looks to utilize sport psychology approaches and thinking to improve the performance of healthcare workers.



How might technology support student doctors make a clinical diagnosis?

Join Dr Stephen Priestly as he talks with Professor Rakesh Patel, Associate Professor Dr Sandra Monteiro and Dr Soham Bandyopadhyay as they discuss the multi-site investigation into the effectiveness of an artificial intelligence powered clinical decision support technology on students’ clinical reasoning when using virtual patients.


Enjoy these informative podcasts and submit your expression of interest to help transform the future and join Dr Albert Chan as a grant recipient of The MPS Foundation.