In 2022 The MPS Foundation funded a joint project between York University and the Improvement Academy, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust looking at the use of AI and clinician decision making.

Few relationships are more critical to our health and wellbeing than that of a doctor and her patient. As governments around the globe grapple with how best to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve lives, philosopher Dr Zoe Porter from the Department of Computer Science is working with frontline clinicians in Yorkshire to ensure that AI is integrated into healthcare contexts in ways that are positively transformative.

Watch Zoe’s YorkTalk and find out more about the Assuring Autonomy International Programme’s collaboration with senior doctors in Bradford – funded by the The MPS Foundation – which is questioning what will happen to clinical decision-making and the control, autonomy and authority of clinicians when today’s AI is brought into hospitals and the consulting room.

One point of uncertainty is what will happen when the AI system and the human clinician disagree. By probing these ethical questions, Zoe is helping create a framework to achieve the best integration of AI before it is more widely adopted in clinical settings.