Project title

Designing and evaluating bespoke comprehensive induction with a focus on clinical integration for International Medical Graduates beginning work in the NHS




International Medical Graduates (IMGs) face significant challenges when they first start their careers in the UK, as they must rapidly learn about unfamiliar healthcare systems and organisational structures, new clinical and procedural skills, regulatory frameworks, and new communication styles and colloquialisms. Despite the increasing number of IMGs joining the workforce, resources and support for IMGs are few and far between. IMGs typically report being unfamiliar with patient-based concepts along with feeling unsupported in clinical environments, especially in non-training posts. Prior research in this area consists of small-scale cross-sectional studies.


This study will evaluate an interactive induction for IMGs arriving in the UK. The induction programme will have three strands focusing on clinical, pastoral, and educational aspects. It will involve a combination of online and face-to-face sessions, with interactive quizzes and simulations. The programme will be evaluated longitudinally at several time points.


This study will provide a comprehensive evaluation of standardised induction processes for IMGs in the UK. The findings could have implications for how organisations support IMGs in the future and used to inform the ongoing development of national induction programmes.