Project title

Supporting and empowering junior doctors with prescribing skills and providing pastoral support in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde


Scotland, UK


Prescribing medications accurately is a skill that all doctors should have to avoid patient harm. Junior doctors write approximately two-thirds of hospital prescriptions, and they have a higher prescribing error rate compared to consultants. Prescribing induction for junior doctors should be practically focused and ‘hands-on’, with opportunities to promote safer prescribing and active efforts made to create safer working environments to support safe prescribing.

Newly appointed doctors including international medical graduates and doctors returning after long-term absence may also experience significant stressors and need pastoral, wellbeing, and resilience support during this crucial stage in their career.


This project will develop, implement, and evaluate an induction educational programme for newly appointed junior doctors on prescribing medicines safely. The project will also offer pastoral, wellbeing, and resilience support for junior doctors in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.


The project aims to create a comprehensive and effective support system that addresses the specific needs and challenges faced by junior doctors and reduce prescribing harm and medication-related errors.